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Poster for Psalm 103:1–Bless the Lord, O My Soul

Christina Wilson


As I spent a few hours outside yesterday, here and in a nearby neighborhood of somewhat older homes (my favorite kind), I heard the kids playing and smelled the luscious food cooking on the grills. These took me back to positive memories of my childhood of similar family gatherings, including my favorite foods my mom always brought to picnics. When I got home again, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t thought of C___ you know what for all that time.
What I especially enjoyed was not even remembering the great divisions that torture our country right now. As families celebrate Memorial Day with outdoor picnics and children screaming and running as they play, we are reminded how very much we have in common. May the current divisions not be permanent, O Lord. In the meantime, this photo is what the day produced.


It Is Good to Praise the Lord

O Taste and See

God Speaks

Isaiah 40:1 LXE

Hezekiah’s Prayer

From Hezekiah’s Prayer when he was sick unto death


Hezekiah’s prayer is recorded in Isaiah 38. That prayer is one of my favorite portions in all of Isaiah. Hezekiah lay dying with a mortal illness. He prayed to God, and here he gives his praise and thanksgiving for God’s answer of healing mercy and forgiveness of all his sins.

Hezekiah reminds me that there are various forms of illness: there are physical illnesses, and there are spiritual. I recently passed through a season of spiritual illness. As the nature of my sin slowly dawned upon me, I turned to the Lord in confession and repentance. I am happy to say he healed me. Not too long afterward, the world pandemic of Coronavirus began. I am so glad to be spiritually recovered during this challenging time. Not only am I better equipped to withstand my own trials, but I am positioned to watch, stand, and pray for others. The Lord is merciful, and he is good. His love is everlasting.

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