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On the Eve of Potential Impeachment…Psalm 146

Psalm 146_3098 copy

Bless the Lord, O my soul…!

P1010049_1 Ps 103_1

More Than These

Coreopsis Frosted Glass

Resurrections Large and Small



Isaiah 61:3

The Seven “I Am” Statements in John


Link to the Outline of the Gospel of John

Jesus’ “I Am” Statements in John 6




Link To: Outline of the Gospel of John

Blessed Are the Meek


God’s Sliding Scale of Grace in Christ

No Virtue Will Get You In--No Defect Will Keep You Out

No Virtue Will Get You In!  No Defect Will Keep You Out!


Link: The New Birth–Its Necessity and Its Joy

Link: Concrete to Spiritual: How Jesus Changes the Old Testament to the New

So GO and Invite!

So GO and Invite!


Week 3 Takeaway

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