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Isaiah: A Personal Devotional Journal–Introduction

Who “owns” the Bible? Scholars? Academics? the Church? a denomination?

My initial response tells me that God owns the Bible. It is his from start to finish. And he gave it as a gift to his people, the church: Israel in the Old Testament and the Bride of Christ in the New.

A common, ordinary person has access to the Bible and God encourages such to read it, to eat it, to devour it. There are many testimonies we often hear in which someone says they began reading the Bible and became a Christ-follower.  God wants his children, all of them, to read his word.

Isaiah has always been one of my favorite biblical books. It speaks the gospel of Christ. As I was considering recently, What book shall I choose for my devotional reading, I detected an eagerness in my heart for Isaiah.

Quite frankly, I am too old to begin an academic study of Isaiah. The book is huge, and there are volumes and volumes of commentary that have been written about it over the centuries in which one writer contradicts another. There is no way I can wade through all that material.

Therefore, I have decided to read Isaiah as a small person taking her daily walk, enjoying and paying attention to the scenery and small details of the path. And, I love to write. So I decided to write a journal of my musings as a single voice. I pray, Lord, that you will lead and guide me along your way, give me your eyes, point out to me what you want me to see and hear, smell, taste and touch along the way. I pretend to have no authority, other than the Holy Spirit as my guide. Lord, I give this journal to you. Bless, please, according to your will. Hallelujia and praise your name, Love in Christ, Christina.


  1. Thank you Sonshine!


  2. gaustin00 says:

    Yes great great post and wisely said…let’s all take a sabbatical and walk the garden with whatever author you want…


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