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Good-bye OneSmallVoice–Hello JustOneSmallVoice

This Site Has Migrated!

With the awesome and amazing help of my co-developer David Austin, this site has migrated to a different version of the same wonderful WordPress. The site name changed from OneSmallVoice.net to JustOneSmallVoice.com. The name has changed, but I’m still the same me.

Most of the posts from OneSmallVoice have been moved over, including the current Isaiah devotional journal series. Please continue reading on the new website. The newest post is available at: Isaiah: A Personal Devotional Journal–My Biblical Presuppositions – justonesmallvoice.com.

I will keep this current site up and running for at least a few more months.

If you’d like to meet David, you can read his About info here: Our Team | Bible.org

Once again, the new name is:



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