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Christ in the Psalms: Contents

I. Introduction

1. Introducing Psalms 2 – A Second Go Round … Link

2. Pursue Your Hunger … Link

3. God Is Willing to Talk to You … Link

4. Jesus Evangelizes a Sinful Woman … Link

5. Jesus Evangelizes a Rabbi … Link

6. The Holy Spirit in the Reader … Link

7. Which Bible Should I Use? … Link

8. Psalms as Prayers of Christ … Link

9. Presuppositions–Where I’m Coming From … Link

II. Specific Psalms

Psalm 132 Intercession and Divine Speech … Link

Psalm 132 Concrete-Literal and Spiritual-Literal … Link

Psalm 116:1-9 (114 LXX) … Link

Psalm 116 Christ Loves the Father … Link 

Psalm 116:11 All Mankind Are Liars … Link

Psalm 88 A Tenebrae Psalm … Link  

Psalm 89 History to the Foot of the Cross … Link  

Psalm 89 A Short Devotional … Link

Psalms 18 and 118 Up from the Grave He Arose! Link  

Psalm 18 Papa Roars and Rescues … Link 

Psalm 116:11 All Mankind Are Liars … Link

Psalm 1: Headwater to the Psalter … Link    

Psalm 1: God’s Instruction Freely Given … Link         

Psalm 2: God’s Son the King … Link   

Psalm 3: Is God Schizophrenic? … Link     

III. Bibliographies

Bibliography of Works Cited

Annotated Bibliography

Link to the First Article of This Series

Link to Prior Series on Psalms

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